Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Fun Photoshoot with Jenna!

We absolutely LOVED this photoshoot. It's true what they say.." some of the best things are unplanned". I can truely say that this is true when speaking about Jenna's shoot. We made arrangements to shoot Jenna, and the only aspect that was set in stone was that we were "gonna shoot uptown & downtown" in Dallas, TX. The rest was..well...magic. You would never know the temperature was almost 100% the day these pictures were taken, and I thank creativity, my awesome photography partner, Mario and Jenna's willingness and flexibility. Check out some of our favorite pictures from the shoot below.................

Client Background:
Full Name: Jenna Wilson
Hometown: Pottsboro, TX
Hobbies: Volleyball, Modeling, Coaching, and Drawing
Career: Marketing/Recruiting Coordinator in DFW

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