Wednesday, October 3, 2012

R&B Songstress Duchess ( Photoshoot & Re-cap)

Some photographers would not agree with us, but we feel like some of our best shoots have been the impromptu, unplanned ones. Because there are no strict guildelines, no "by the book" instructions, it seems like we are able to creatively go to the places we want to go, and try the ideas and concepts that pop into our mind at random.

Such is true for the photoshoot that we did with Independent R&B Artistt, Duchess. Duchess has some major happenings going on in her career, and needed some new press shots , so My Ultimate Xperience was hired to get the ball rolling.  
Check out some of our favorite pictures below:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Fun Photoshoot with Jenna!

We absolutely LOVED this photoshoot. It's true what they say.." some of the best things are unplanned". I can truely say that this is true when speaking about Jenna's shoot. We made arrangements to shoot Jenna, and the only aspect that was set in stone was that we were "gonna shoot uptown & downtown" in Dallas, TX. The rest was..well...magic. You would never know the temperature was almost 100% the day these pictures were taken, and I thank creativity, my awesome photography partner, Mario and Jenna's willingness and flexibility. Check out some of our favorite pictures from the shoot below.................

Client Background:
Full Name: Jenna Wilson
Hometown: Pottsboro, TX
Hobbies: Volleyball, Modeling, Coaching, and Drawing
Career: Marketing/Recruiting Coordinator in DFW

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Welcome to The Xperience Blog! We consider this portion of our website to be a special area were we can share behind the scenes footage, candid photos,funny anecdotes & more. Consider this a fun area where you can "xperience" new & fun  concepts related to photography, creative save the date cards, wedding websites, alter ego photo shoots, reality-style engagement videos ( more details later, but it is sooooo cool!), and more! Thanks for joining us on this experience & we look forward to working with you one day soon :)!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who Are We?

Who We Are

My Ultimate Party Xperience allows ordinary/ everyday people to become the star of the biggest events in their life! The company challenges the mundane and traditional approach to event videography by positioning the client as the star of their own reality show..

Instead of the traditional “wedding “  and special event video, our team will shoot your wedding in a reality TV Show format, chronicling the highs, the lows ( if you want us too!) and overall excitement of your event. Our team will follow the bride and groom as they prepare for their big day in an exciting and innovative fashion.
We will oversee and assist in the scripting of your video as well as the video theme & title.
Example: Jim & Jane’s Wedding Adventure
John’s “Dirty 30” Celebration
Welcome to the world, Maiya! (Short film on upcoming birth of a new child)
We will design the video cover artwork, program description and more!
We cover Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Anniversaries, Graduation Parties, Concerts, Bachelor(ette) Parties & More!
Additional Services:
  • Paparazzi Photographers for your event: Spice up your event w/ our team of attention grabbing Paparazzi photographers! Our photographers will create a grand entrance for you and your guest as they arrive to your big event! Hourly and Flat Evening Rates available.
  • Event Website: Want to take your event to the next level? Create a custom website for your event! You can do everything from allow customizable wallpaper downloads for your event to accept ticket sales on your site.
  • Event Photography (General Event): Have our photographers cover your event and create memories that will last a life time.
  • Customized Event Flyers & Save The Date Cards: Create eye catching flyer and “Save The Date” cards to make sure your event is at the top of your friends social calendars!
  • Digital Photo Manipulation/ Touch-up
  • Portraits/Photoshoots
  • Engagement Shoots